Boy Spyce and Khaid unite for heartfelt single 'I Don't Care'


Mavin Records' singer, Boy Spyce, and Neville Records' smooth operator, Khaid, unite once again, reigniting the magic of their hit record, Carry Me Go, with a brand new single, I Don't Care. The new track isn't just another love song - it's a declaration of unwavering and reckless devotion that throws caution to the wind.

Forget the whispers and judgmental stares. I Don't Care throws open the curtains on a man deeply in love with his woman, unafraid to defy expectations and embrace their feelings. Boy Spyce's signature soulful vocals intertwine with Khaid's effortless cool, creating a sound that is both passionate and relatable.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of this reckless love. Lines like "And if them call you ogbanje, I don't care I don't care, mami water o, I don't care" reveal an unwavering commitment that transcends societal norms and gossip. Flaws and rumors don't matter; their love burns bright, fueled by pure adoration and acceptance.

I Don't Care, of course, is more than just blind infatuation. There's a playful defiance in the song, a celebration of individuality and the right to love freely. It's an anthem for anyone who has ever dared to love freely, unafraid of the world's judgment.

And who better to deliver this message than Boy Spyce and Khaid? Their chemistry is undeniable, each artist complementing the other's strengths. Boy Spyce's soulful vocals plus production lays the foundation, while Khaid's smooth vocals add a touch of swagger and effortless charm.

Listen to I Don't Care here.