Asake marks birthday with surprise single 'Only Me'


Following his remarkable two-year winning streak marked by unprecedented achievements and soaring popularity in the Nigerian music industry, YNBL's poster boy, Asake, is off to an early start in 2024. His return signals the start of a new chapter and also coincides with a personal milestone – his birthday. Embracing the celebratory spirit of the festivity, Asake chose this significant day to release his latest single, Only Me.

Only Me emerges as a shining example of Asake's unique style, further exhibiting his unwavering commitment to his craft. The track is imbued with the distinctive sound of amapiano and it sees Asake in his usual fine form. It creates an energetic and engaging sound that is unmistakably Asake.

In Only Me, listeners find Asake in his most authentic form. His lyrics, both introspective and relatable, are delivered with a captivating flow that's become a signature of his music. The song is an odyssey through Asake's artistic evolution, a narrative told with his usual flair for storytelling and an undeniable connection to the beats that move his fans.

The production of the track, Only Me, is another area to pay attention to. For this track, he reunites with the highly skilled Blaise Beatz, a collaboration that has proven fruitful in the past - it birthed one of his biggest songs yet, Lonely At The Top. Blaise Beatz, known for his exceptional skills and creative vision, has executed a commendable job on the production front.

Listen to Only Me here.