Asa breaks hiatus with emotionally charged single 'ODO'


Ace Nigerian singer-songwriter, Asa makes her highly anticipated return to the music scene with the release of her stunning new single, ODO. Following the critical acclaim of her 2022 album, V, which featured beloved tracks like IDG featuring Wizkid, Show Me Off, and Good Times amongst others, Asa returns roughly two years later with ODO.

Produced by the talented record producer, P. Priime, ODO is a captivating acoustic ballad that showcases Asa's signature soulful vocals and introspective near-perfect songwriting. Infused with raw emotion, the song explores a yearning for genuine connection and love.

Asa's lyrics on the track paints a vivid picture of a passionate desire for a partner who transcends material wealth, seeking instead a true connection and shared experiences: "It's not about money, I got everything money can buy me, money don't impress me, I just want someone who compliments me, go around the world with me, go to Thailand and New Delhi."

ODO marks a beautiful evolution of Asa's sound, retaining the captivating intimacy that her fans cherish while venturing into new sonic territories. The emotionally charged single is sure to resonate with listeners searching for genuine connection and the power of true love.

Listen to ODO here.