Ric Hassani drops third studio album 'Afro Love'


Nigerian singer-songwriter, Ric Hassani, has unveiled his offering, the much-awaited Afro Love album. Marking a significant return to "album mode" after the release of his highly acclaimed sophomore album, The Prince I Became, in 2021, the singer resurfaces with a renewed creative vigor, offering listeners his third studio album in the form of Afro Love.

The album comprises a collection of fifteen tracks that showcase the artist's evolution over time. Following the prevailing industry trend of solo ventures, Afro Love sees Ric Hassani taking the helm on all tracks except for the opening track, I.G.D.T (I Go Dey There), where he collaborates with the talented Mavin Records singer, Bayanni. This singular guest appearance adds a distinctive flavor to the album's outset, setting the tone for a project that promises depth.

The album unfolds as a testament to Ric Hassani's musical prowess, as each track encapsulates a fusion of Afrocentric sounds, love-infused lyrics, and an exploration of diverse sonic landscapes. Through Afro Love, Ric Hassani delves into themes that resonate with the intricacies of love, life, and human experiences, infusing each composition with a genuine and heartfelt touch.

Listen to the Afro Love album here.