Quality Sounds Records Unveils Their New Album 'Afro Thug' by Sasco Breez


Quality Sounds Records is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the highly anticipated album "Afro Thug" by the talented artist and songwriter, Sasco Breez. This body of work, crafted by the prolific songwriter, Sasco Breez, draws inspiration from his personal experiences, including reflections during his time spent incarcerated. "Afro Thug" encapsulates the daily desires, lamentations, and prayers for freedom shared by countless detainees worldwide.

The album features a fusion of both analog and electronic instrumentation, expertly played by renowned producer Aymix Beats from Spain. The mixing and mastering of this exceptional project were skillfully executed by Nelson P.O.J., while the vocal recordings, capturing the essence of Sasco Breez's emotive delivery, were handled by Emmy Jose Music Production LLC in Italy.

Stay tuned for the official release of "Afro Thug," a testament to Sasco Breez's artistry and storytelling prowess, as it promises to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and infectious melodies.

Track 1 - Afro Thug (Download)

Track 2 - Arima(Download)

Track 3 - I Can Die For Your Love (Download)

Track 4 - The One Those Girls Want To Do (Download)

Track 5 - All About Risk (Download)

Track 6 - One Life To Live (Download)

Track 7 - Letter To My Mum (Download)