1da Banton closes the year with new single 'Gbadun'


1da Banton has recorded enormous success in 2023, weaving together a narrative of success and artistic brilliance that seems to unfold with each passing moment. The year, marked by extraordinary achievements, sees 1da Banton scaling new heights in a continuous ascent towards greatness.

The journey commenced with his notable songwriting and production contributions to Davido's Grammy-nominated album, Timeless. 1da Banton's creative fingerprints grace tracks such as Na Money, featuring the legendary Anjelique Kidjo and The Camven, and No Competition, featuring the dynamic Asake.

Undeterred by the heights already reached, 1da Banton further moves along with the mesmerizing track, Call Jehova, and the critically acclaimed EP, 1da Shall Never End. The latter, exhibiting his multifaceted talents, includes the popular record, No Love in Lagos, featuring the German trio, 255.

Throughout the year, the artist actively engages in compelling collaborations, adding his unique touch to a plethora of ventures. The results of the remarkable year manifests as 1da Banton signs with RCA/Sony Music France, marking a pivotal moment in his career. The union propels him into a new chapter, opening doors to even greater possibilities on the international stage.

In the wake of this significant signing, 1da Banton unleashes his creative prowess with a brand new single titled, Gbadun. Self-produced and following the critically acclaimed EP, 1da Shall Never End, Gbadun serves as an appropriate end-of-year song for the lad. The track, infused with upbeat amapiano influences, reflects 1da Banton's ability to seamlessly navigate diverse genres, creating a sound that is both fresh and captivating.

Lyrically, Gbadun is a declaration of resilience and focus. With the refrain, "don't let nobody come steal my joy," 1da Banton asserts his commitment to safeguarding his happiness amid external pressures. The lyrics, "nothing concern me, only money concern me," further underscore his unwavering dedication to his craft and financial success, making it clear that distractions hold no place in his ambitious journey.

As Gbadun reaches the airwaves, fans can anticipate a visual spectacle that complements the vibrant energy of the track. The forthcoming video promises to be a visual feast, providing an immersive experience that brings the essence of the song to life.

Listen to Gbadun here.