Young Jonn sparks reactions with daring on-stage stunt in Toronto


Nigerian music sensation, Young Jonn has set social media ablaze with a daring on-stage stunt during his current music tour in Toronto, Canada.

A viral video shows the singer attempting to carry a plus-size female fan who joined him on stage, leaving fans and celebrities in awe.

Meanwhile, the clip, which has sparked massive reactions online, shows Young Jonn's initial struggle to lift the fan. However, he eventually succeeds on his second attempt. The singer, known for his hit song Big Big Things, referenced a biblical quote to justify his actions, adding to the drama.

Additionally, this is not the first time Young Jonn has stirred controversy online with his sultry antics, and this latest stunt has left many wishing him strength to carry more. While some have praised his confidence and charisma, others have criticized his actions as inappropriate and disrespectful.

Lastly, Young Jonn's music tour in Canada has clearly made a lasting impression, and this viral moment will likely be remembered for a long time. Love him or hate him, Young Jonn knows how to get people talking.

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