WizkidFC Is Dragging WurlD; Here's What REALLY Happened


We can all agree that Wizkid FC is one of the strongest fanbases in Nigerian fandom if there’s any association like that and if you talk, imply or move in any way that’s derogatory to their fave, they’ll have you trending in no time... you guessed right! Today is the day WizkidFC makes WurlD trend. But what really happened?

Afrosoul singer, WurlD, took to his Twitter page to ask a seemingly common question, “WurlD once said” and this tweet was going as planned until a WizkidFC came under the tweet to dash WurlD Wizkid’s lyrics.

WurlD recognizing that’s not his lyrics, politely declined the honour to own Machala’s lyrics, stating that the lyrics aren’t his... no, he said “that’s not his style” and Wizkid’s fans have picked offence, dragging the “Trobul” star as allegedly downgrading Wizkid and implying that Wizkid’s lyrics are inferior.

It is important to note that WurlD, who has now deleted the tweet because oga doesn't want trouble, did not in any way imply that Wizkid’s lyrics are inferior, he only stated that such lyrics aren’t his style.

WurlD, reacting officially to the drag and misunderstanding of his statement, informed team Wizkid that Jim stating Wizkid's music is not his style isn't an attempt to bash or disrespect Wizkid.

He said;

But Wizkid FC are still dragging the 'Trobul' star on Twitter and na the matter we still dey solve for TL.