Wizkid takes swift action as fan attempts to grab diamond necklace during hangout with Davido


The newfound camaraderie between Nigerian global superstars, Wizkid and his counterpart Davido, has been a source of joy for many fans.

Their outing together on Saturday, December 16, marked by a clip of the duo spraying dollar notes at Club Everything in Lagos, has become a highlight of their public camaraderie.

However, an unexpected incident during their hangout has garnered significant attention online. A video capturing Wizkid's swift response to a fan attempting to steal his diamond necklace has gone viral, sparking discussions among fans and the online community.

In the video, amidst the festive atmosphere where both stars were generously spraying money for their fans, a sudden distraction led to Wizkid lashing out at a person attempting to snatch his diamond necklace.

The unexpected turn of events showcased Wizkid's quick reflexes and protective instinct in safeguarding his valuables.

The video circulating across social media platforms has added a unique dimension to the narrative of the duo's hangout, emphasizing the need for heightened security even in celebratory moments.

As discussions unfold about the incident, Wizkid's assertive action has underscored the challenges that accompany fame and the necessity for vigilance, even during seemingly carefree moments.