Wizkid says incoming album 'Morayo' is 'very, very personal'


In a new interview with Esquire, Nigerian music star Wizkid opens up about his upcoming album, his family, and his Nigerian roots.

He started by saying that his fashion influence was as a result of his family. He said “I grew up with sisters in the house. A whopping twelve, to be exact.” He also spoke about his upcoming album, titled Morayo after his mother's name.

Then, Wizkid spoke about his children, he said “I'm trying to raise champions. I instil that into their minds [...] that God has put them here on purpose.”. This reflects the deep influence his family has had on his life. At the end of the day, Wizkid credits his heritage for his success.

Esquire compares Wizkid to Pharrell Williams, noting that both artists share a focus on positivity and a strong connection to their heritage. It's clear that Wizkid's family plays a central role in his life and work. Fans can expect this influence to be reflected in his upcoming album Morayo.