Wizkid offers words of prayers, encouragement to Ruger


In a display of accord, music superstar Wizkid reaches out to fellow artist Ruger, offering words of prayer and encouragement.

The exchange began when Wizkid tweeted his admiration for Ruger's song Make Way, stating, "Yo i truly love Ruger's make way… that guy amazing!" Ruger responded with excitement, and Wizkid seized the opportunity to offer his support and blessings.

In his response, Wizkid expressed his admiration for Ruger's talent, saying, "U are fucking amazing brother Wish you nothing but Gods love protection and His continuous blessings long life." He concluded his message with a heartfelt expression of affection, stating, "Love you G."

Ruger's Make Way has been a hit single, and Wizkid's endorsement has undoubtedly boosted the young artist's confidence and visibility.

This exchange serves as a reminder that even in the competitive world of music, there is always room for kindness, encouragement, and prayer.