Watch Teni And Santi Cook Up A Song While On A Livestream


Watch Teni And Santi Cook Up A Song While On A Livestream

The music industry crossovers are getting hotter and Teni and Santi have added to the mix as the duo chummed it up on a livestream and made a song together. Watch the video in the story below.

Contemporary highlife singer, Teni and Alté music flagbearer, Santi joined forces and fanbases as they chummed it up on Santi's livestream.

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The livestream which had taken place on interactive livestream site, Twitch and typically features different sessions from gaming, music previews and freestyles had featured Teni as a guest on Santi's channel. The two singers had done a 'Subaru world’ style handshake and then set things off with a synergetic freestyle on lifelong friendships.

This session is one of several hosted by Santi who's been connecting with his fans through that means to promote his most recent album, Subaru Boys: Final Heaven and his forthcoming world tour. The singer was also previously joined on a livestream session by Alté music contemporary, Odunsi music who walked fans through his new EP, Denim.

Watch Teni and Santi cheffing in the studio below: