Tyla receives UK Platinum Plaque for her viral hit 'Water'


South African sensation, Tyla has made history by securing a UK platinum plaque for her viral hit single Water, which has taken the global music scene by storm since its release in July 2023.

The amapiano-inspired track not only garnered widespread popularity but also earned Tyla a coveted spot in music history. Recently unveiled on NotjustOk's Instagram page on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, Water attained UK platinum certification, showcasing its infectious beats and universal appeal. The song has also made its mark on the Billboard Hot 100, solidifying Tyla's status as the youngest South African and the first South African soloist in 55 years to grace the prestigious chart.

Originally inspired by Tyla's Johannesburg roots, Water gained immense traction on TikTok, where its accompanying dance routine captivated audiences worldwide. The track's success reached new heights when renowned artist Travis Scott collaborated on a remix, further elevating its international reach.

Water serves as the lead single from Tyla's recently released self-titled debut album, a deliberate choice reflecting her desire for a clean introduction to the world. The album features other well-received tracks such as Butterflies, Truth Or Dare, and On and On, generating excitement among fans and the music industry alike.

As Tyla continues to ride the wave of success with Water and her debut album, Tyla anticipation mounts for the next chapter in her burgeoning career. With her unique sound and undeniable talent, Tyla is poised to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene.