Tyla reacts to winning first Grammy award


South African singer Tyla is basking in the glow of gratitude and astonishment after securing a Grammy win for Best African Music Performance.

In an interview with ET's Kevin Frazier at the 2024 GRAMMY Awards, the 22-year-old artist shared her overwhelming emotions moments after learning about her victory.

Wearing a stunning custom Versace dress, Tyla expressed her disbelief, saying, "I just won -- what the heck? Like, it's crazy. It's amazing. I'm so proud of myself, so proud of South Africa -- it's a win for us all so I'm just super blessed."

Tyla's winning song, Water, not only dominated the Billboard charts but also gained recognition from Hollywood stars, including a viral video of Justin Timberlake dancing and singing along to the hit. Tyla was thrilled by the unexpected Hollywood support, stating, "It's amazing, I can't believe it, I'm lost for words. Janet Jackson was vibing to it, Oprah likes it."

The music video for Water has amassed over 117 million views in just three months, contributing to the song's remarkable success. Reflecting on the journey, Tyla shared her confidence in the song's potential, saying, "When I made it, I knew it was special. I knew. Like, I loved it, my family loved it, I had a dream about the song so I feel like I knew in my spirit that this was the one."

Tyla took to her social media platform, X, to share the joy with her fans, writing, "THANK YOU TYGERSSSS" alongside a photo holding her GRAMMY Award.

Tyla's Grammy win and the widespread recognition of Water showcase the global impact of African music and the resonance of her work with audiences around the world. As she continues to ride the wave of success, Tyla remains a symbol of talent and accomplishment within the music industry.