Timaya reveals how Davido's work ethic inspires him


Nigerian musician Timaya revealed how he finds inspiration in Davido's strong work ethic, despite Davido's affluent background.

Afrobeat Icon Timaya took a moment to express his admiration for his colleague Davido, highlighting the latter's passion and determination in the music industry. During an interview session with Eve's Eye Production, Timaya emphasized his respect for Davido's dedication. He noted him as one of the most committed young individuals he's encountered. The artist praised Davido's work ethic. He acknowledged that despite coming from a wealthy background, Davido consistently strives to nurture his talents.

Timaya commended Davido for his impressive skill, unwavering consistency, and relentless work ethic. He also noted that he has observed Davido's dedication firsthand. According to Timaya, Davido's perseverance in building his success stands as a testament to his character, recognizing that not everyone would display the same level of drive if they were born into wealth.

During the interview, he said, “Just look at someone like Davido, you think Davido because his father has money? there are lots of people their fathers have money but they don’t do it like Davido, I love that young man because he’s so talented”.

Timaya recently released his latest single Dey your Dey. The brand-new single marks Timaya's first solo release of 2024. However, amidst his latest single, Timaya has been accused of song theft. Music group United Boys Culture has accused Timaya of song theft. The group alleged that his latest release Dey Your Dey sampled their song of the same title without authorization.