Terry G dragged by fans as a video of him in club goes viral


Nigerian artist Terry G has found himself at the center of controversy after a video emerged online, showing him in a club, engaging with a stripper while she twerked on his lap. The video has sparked a heated debate among fans, with some speculating that this incident may be the reason why other industry acts have been unresponsive to the artist's recent outreach.

This comes in the wake of Terry G publicly expressing his frustration at being ignored by fellow musicians in the industry. In a recent video, the artist, also known as Gabriel Oche Amanyi, called out artists for allegedly shunning him, despite his past support and contributions to their careers.

The video of Terry G's club interaction has elicited a strong reaction from fans, with many expressing disappointment and concern over the artist's behavior. Some have suggested that such incidents may be contributing to the lack of support he is experiencing from his peers in the music industry.

This public display has further fueled discussions about Terry G's current standing in the industry and the potential impact of his actions on his relationships with other artists. As the conversation around Terry G's recent behaviour continues to unfold, it is evident that fans are deeply divided over the artist's actions and the implications for his career. See their comments below;