Terry G And Portable Set To Release A New Song Together


Street pop artists Terry G and Portable are set to release a new song together.

After several posts of comparisons and questions about who is what and who does what better, two of the biggest street pop stars, Terry G and Portable (Zazuu), have hit the studio together and are set to release a new song with a video on the way as well.

Although an official release date has not been confirmed for the release of the song, or the title has not been confirmed, fans are super excited about the collaboration of the duo. Terry G has been the face of street pop for over 10 years and has often shared his opinion on the comparison with Portable. The singer once said:

It is a good thing. I love Portable so much. Despite the fact that I did the ‘crazy genre’ of music, it does not mean that somebody else cannot be inspired and still unique. He is quite unique. There is nothing he has that can be compared to mine, musically and intellectually. I feel nobody should shut him out. He cannot be stopped. If he stops talking, what else will happen? That is his style. It (controversies) did not just start from me. It started with different guys that represented the streets, and it will still continue. It is normal.

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