Tems reflects on the challenges of being a Nigerian woman


In a recent interview with Kiss FM in London, Grammy-winning singer Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems, shared insights into the challenges and blessings of being a Nigerian.

The artist described the experience of being a Nigerian as "tough" but emphasised the resilience of Nigerian women, referring to it as a "miracle."

Tems expressed her admiration for Nigerian women, stating that they are blessed and hold a unique significance. She highlighted the importance of embracing one's gifts, being unapologetic about individuality, and taking that essence to the global stage as a form of honour.

According to her, despite the toughness associated with being Nigerian, the strength and uniqueness of Nigerian women make the experience a notable blessing.

The artist's perspective on the resilience and strength of Nigerian women adds to the ongoing conversation about the challenges and triumphs faced by individuals in the Nigerian context.

Tems encourages women to tap into their potential and proudly showcase their identity on the world stage.