Tems claims Nigerians misunderstand her music


Global sensation, Tems has shared her thoughts on how her music is perceived by Nigerians, expressing that she feels appreciated as a person but doubts if her music is fully understood.

In an interview that surfaced online on Sunday, June 2, 2024, the talented artist was asked about whether she believes Nigerians understand and appreciate her music. Tems responded by acknowledging that she doesn't think Nigerians fully grasp the essence and depth of her sound. She added that while she feels appreciated as a person by Nigerians, she isn't certain if her music is truly appreciated.

"Understand, no. I don’t know if they appreciate my music but I feel appreciated as a person by Nigerians," Tems said.

The artist, known for her distinctive style and emotive lyrics, has garnered a dedicated fan base both locally and internationally. Her soulful music has resonated with listeners, earning her critical acclaim and admiration from fans.