South African Rapper, Riky Rick Dies At 34

South African Rapper Riky Rick
Riky Rick

His family confirmed the death of the talented South African rapper, Riky Rick today, Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

The talented genius left the world at the age of 34, and fans and colleagues could not hit their shock after the news broke out.

A message from his family in regards to the news stated;

"The family of South African artist Riky Rick with profound sadness this afternoon confirmed his untimely passing. Son, husband, father, brother and uncle, Riky ‘Ricky’ Makhado (34) sadly passed away in the early hours of this morning (February 23, 2022) in Johannesburg

Statement to TshisaLIVE

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Riky Rick had been someone who did not hide his battles with depression after his father died when he was young. He stated in his podcast LAB LIVE that his father's death had left a vacuum in his life he had said:

I lost my father at a time when I needed the help. I lost him at a time when I needed that voice. A lot of people don’t understand that you can never replace the voice of a father. It wasn’t like he just died, it was like 18 years, living with your dad for a year, and then going back to your mom. I love being with my mom but living with him for a year. A child is never meant to live without his parents

He had dropped a final message on Twitter before his passing that read;

I’ll return a stronger man. This land is still my home.

Part of the rapper’s lyrics also read:

The deceased was survived by his wife, Bianca Naidoo and his two children. Riky Rick would always be remembered for his contribution to Hip Hop in South Africa and his inventive style as a fashion icon.

Rest easy, Riky Rick.

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