Sossick Opens Up On How He Recorded 'Ghetto Dream' With Dagrin | READ


The producer gave details of how he made the classic song with the late rapper.

Sossick Dagrin Ghetto Dreams
Dagrin & Sossick

Prolific Nigerian producer, rapper, and singer, Esosa Douglas Osemwengie, popularly known as Sossick, has given details of how he recorded "Ghetto Dream" with the late Nigerian iconic rapper, Dagrin.

The duo -Sossick & Dagrin- were inseparable when the fierce rapper was alive and made a lot of smash songs together, including classics like "Pon Pon Pon," "Everyday," "Swag," and other songs.

According to a publication by culture custodian, the hook of the song was first recorded by Sossick out of pain after he had heard Dagrin rap about situations of such previously. Sossick was quoted saying:

Make I burst your head: we dey pick beans for house wey we wan cook. One and a half derica, the thing plenty small. Grin is like, ‘Yo, him get this song.’  I’m like, I dey do stuff. Then he starts banging on the table, singing his own hook, then he goes, ‘Mo fe di Nigerian president (part of verse 1 of Ghetto Dreams). Then he’d stop. All of us go burst laugh say see this werey. Which kind line be that? He’d be like wait, wait, and keep banging on the table (and continues rapping parts of Ghetto Dreams). All of us go burst laugh, this guy you dey mad, you dey mad.  He’d try to sing this hook that was banging in his head and I’m like, ‘Nigga, we gaxt produce this record though. We have to make this into a record. No worry, when I’m done, I go let you know.

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Sossick goes on to state that there was a day he wasn't feeling good, which motivated him to record the hook for "Ghetto Dream," in which Dagrin came through with the perfect verse he had been reciting previously. He said:

...Then there’s this day, I’m feeling blue. Not feeling too happy and too jiggy like myself, I had to travel, had to go to Benin. Go say what’s up to ma. Right before I go, make I say what’s up to my nigga KP. KP’s got a studio in his crib. I wasn’t feeling too happy and what I do when I’m not feeling to happy? I turn to music. So, I get on his P.C., his studio shii, I start mumbling (hook for Ghetto Dreams.) I lay it right there in KP’s studio and was like this is how I’m feeling right now. He was like, ‘you feeling blue, Nigga.’ And I was like, ‘That’s true Nigga.’ Then when Grin comes, you know one of those days where he comes, ‘yo,’ he’s rapping that his flow again and I’m like I got the perfect track for this shii. He’s like oh oh, woah. When I heard his flow, when I heard his rap… I don’t think you understand, it was even worse than Pon Pon Pon for me. My head just burst.

May the gentle soul of Dagrin continue to rest in peace.

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