Something Is Cooking Between Don Jazzy and Timbaland


In a recent Instagram post, Don Jazzy showed gratitude to Timbaland by stating 'Thank you @timbaland'

Don Jazzy and Timbaland

We are not so sure what's cooking between these two legends but we know whatever it is, it is definitely something huge to anticipate.


Donjazyy thanks Timbaland

To add to, Don Jazzy has always been fondly referred to as Nigeria's Timbaland. Without a doubt, these two producers have a lot of simulators which we’ll mention briefly.

Both of them are the don - Don Jazzy is the biggest record producer in Nigeria, in fact, Africa, while Timbaland is one of America's greatest record producers.

Many artists have been nurtured under their guidance. They have both created some of their country's biggest artists.

While one founded MMG (Mosley Music Group), Baba Jay is the boss of Mavins Records.

They've both been great mentors to their proteges in the industry and great influencers of this generation's music and pop culture.