Skales Demands An Apology After Being "Disrespected" In An Interview


Skales Demands An Apology After Being "Disrespected" In An Interview

Booty Language crooner Skales has demanded that he be apologized to by media house, NETng for being disrespected by their presenter, Victor, instead of being interviewed.

Skales had walked out of an interview last weekend during an interview with Victor on Vibes. He had walked out after the interviewer had repeatedly told Skales that his Booty Language from his sophomore album wasn't genius and can't be referred to as a classic.

After a conversation that sounded more like an argument going back and forth and touching other subjects from JayZ's 4:44 album to Wizkid's Ojuelegba, Skales abruptly ended the interview by walking out, stating that he was not supposed to be talking about things he was talking about because the interview according to him was already feeling like an attack.

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The interviewer, who in a calm demeanour, also revealed he was pissed at the whole issue (Bad choice of word in my opinion) but "has to continue and do it for the people and the camera"  (Really?).

After that whole scene and no words from them for over 24 hours, Skales has decided to go public with the issue, demanding that the media house apologizes to him because it is obvious they're all for his downfall rather than see him succeed.

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Should he be apologized to after being told his song which he sees as his "best single" from his sophomore album wasn't "genius" or with the way he was generally treated by the interviewer?