Simi urges fans to drop excessive formality in viral Instagram video


Nigerian songstress Simisola Kosoko, popularly known as Simi, has taken to Instagram to address a specific group of admirers who overly show her respect but avoid calling her by name.

In a video shared on @nollywoodcital, which quickly went viral, the mother of one issued a gentle warning to those accustomed to excessive formality.

Simi expressed her preference for being addressed by name or even with the title "sir" instead of the conventional "ma."

In the video, the talented singer, who previously released a French version of her hit track, reflected on how the heightened respect began around the age of 20.

While acknowledging the admiration from her fans, Simi emphasized that, despite being appreciative, she considers herself still very young and encouraged her followers to refrain from using "ma" when addressing her.