Simi reveals mixed feelings about her hit song 'Joromi'


Afrobeats star, Simi has opened up about her mixed feelings towards her hit 2017 song Joromi, shedding light on the song's origin and her creative process.

Speaking in an interview with CNN that surfaced online on Saturday, April 20, 2024, Simi confessed that she was not always a fan of Joromi and revealed that she initially felt irritated when she had to write the song due to a deadline constraint. Despite her reluctance, she acknowledged that the pressure of the deadline ultimately led to the creation of the song that would become a chart-topping hit.

"Sometimes I don’t have any inspiration but I have a deadline. I don't really like those because you know you have to force it to come. And I'm not crazy about those," Simi told CNN. "I've made like really great songs from those. Joromi was one of those."

The singer explained that she had already completed writing songs for her album when she received the beat for Joromi. Initially resistant to the idea, she wrote multiple songs on the beat before finally crafting Joromi, which surpassed her expectations.

"Joromi was a deadline song. I was even done. They sent me a beat and I was like I'm done writing," Simi recalled. "I wrote like five different songs on that beat that I didn’t like and then 'Joromi' came but it was like a deadline song."

Despite her initial irritation, Simi expressed gratitude for writing "Joromi," acknowledging its success and impact on her career. The music video for Joromi has since amassed over 19 million views on YouTube, solidifying its status as a fan favorite.

"I didn't even want to write the song. I was just irritated. But I’m glad that I did," Simi confessed.

Simi's candid revelations offer fans a glimpse into the creative process behind her music and the unexpected journey of Joromi from a deadline-driven project to a chart-topping hit.