Simi announces new album for 2024


Nigerian singer Simi has announced that she will be dropping her album in 2024.

Nigerian artist Simisola Bolatito Kosoko revealed her upcoming album in a conversation with actor and TV personality Taymesan on the Tea with Tay podcast. Fans are eagerly anticipating this new release, especially since her last album titled Simisola was in 2022. In the interview, the melodious singer discussed various aspects of her life, including her music, marriage, and family, highlighting her upbringing without a musical background. She shared that her musical epiphany occurred at the age of eight, marking the point when she knew she wanted to pursue a career as a musician.

The artist also discussed her educational experience at Covenant University, where she pursued Mass Communication. Initially hesitant to share details about her time at Covenant Univeristy, she eventually opened up about it. While commending the school for its positive impact on her life, she expressed strong disagreement with some of its doctrines. In the early stages of her career, she began by singing gospel songs, with Ara Ile being her most prominent track at that time. However, the turning point in her career came with the song Tiff. Subsequently, she collaborated with Falz on Jamb question and recognizing the success of these collaborations, she and her management released additional features like Chemistry, Foreign, and Soldier.

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Simi expressed that she never envisioned marrying an artist as her dream. Simi revealed that when she met Adekunle, she was unaware of his musical profession. Despite not knowing he was a musician, she shared that they began dating because he was genuinely a nice person.