Seyi Vibes ignores Salo on stage after reportedly gifting him millions


Nigerian musician Seyi Vibez recently found himself at the center of a controversy as he ignored Oba Salo who was reportedly begging him as he was performing on stage, days after Seyi Vibez gave Salo a large sum of money.

Seyi Vibez asked DJ Chicken and Oba Salo for their account details and reportedly gifted them 5 million naira and ten million naira respectively. The TikTok stars initially expressed excitement about the gift but later questioned the source of the singer's wealth. DJ Chicken has since complained that the money was too small, while Oba Salo asked if Seyi Vibez would use the money to cure sickness due to doubts about its source.

A video then surfaced of Oba Salo cursing at Seyi Vibez, saying that he wante to bribe him not to work with other artists. A few days after he posted a video apologizing to Seyi Vibez referring to the situation as "the work of the devil" and asking for forgiveness.

Oba Salo was also seen at Seyi Vibez concert prostrating and reportedly begging him but he was ushered off the stage after Seyi Vibez completely ignored him.

The incident has sparked a lot of buzz on social media, shedding light on the complexities of the situation and the various responses it has elicited.

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