Sarkodie speaks on song that sparked beef with Nigerian artists


In an interview with Vox Africa, Sarkodie explains the mindset behind his recent song that sparked beef in the Nigerian Music scene.

In the song, he seemed to have fired shots at Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy, the big three in the Nigerian Music scene. But according to Sarkodie, that is not the case. He said that Wizkid, Burna Boy, Black Sherif, and Davido would never think he wanted to disrespect them... He was talking to rappers about how long he's been here.

To explain further, he said that those were the best people to use because, from an international standpoint, they are the most recognized. He also said that he loves the PR the banter is giving his song titled Brag. "I wouldn't like to clear it, because I like the energy that's going." Sarkodie says, "I thank God, Even if we wanted to plan this PR, we wouldn't get this right." He also says that the biggest jab is that he didn't mention any rappers, as they are not as consistently famous as those he mentioned.