Rory And Mal Discuss Tems' Hit-Making Ability | WATCH


Podcasters Rory and Mal, in their recent podcast, discussed the creative and hit-making ability of singer Tems.

In their recent talk show, popular and influential podcasters Rory and Mal discussed the creativity and the ability to create nothing but hits that Tems possesses.

They had likened her ability to churn out good collaborations without a miss to that of the old Chris Brown.

They mentioned that she might be your go-to to hold the number one position on the charts at the moment, mentioning the fact that her voice is incredible and also unique in all ramifications.

This can be solidified which existing collaborations such as that with Future and Drake titled 'Wait For U' which topped the major charts in the US as well as in other countries as well. Her collaboration with Wizkid titled 'Essence' is also a notable mention as well.

Tems was also named the nest International Act at the recently concluded BET Awards 2022 and from all indications these are just stepping stones on her way to achieving global market domination.

Watch the video here:

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