'We see her as the new Rihanna' David Guetta reveals how the US music industry sees Ayra Star


Grammy award-winning producer David Guetta in a recent interview with Cool FM opened up on how the music industry in the US and UK see Ayra Starr.

The multi-platinum-selling producer who recently worked with the Mavin princess on his new song 'F U' revealed in the interview how Ayra Starr is being perceived in the music industry in the West today.

David Guetta revealed that the music industry in Los Angeles and London views Ayra Starr as the new Rihanna because of the uniqueness she possesses as an artist today.

He went on to add that Ayra possesses a uniqueness that is peculiar to only her and makes it easy and effortless for her to cross over as an artist into different cultures. He goes on to add that it is more than just talent as when they worked together in the studio he got to witness how much potential she has as an artist and also see that she can also go very far.

David Guetta states that this is something he knows and he is hardly ever wrong with his intuitions

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