How well did Rema and Shallipopi's 'Benin Boys' do on the charts?


Here is how well the collaboration Benin Boys by Rema and Shallipopi did on all digital streaming platforms chart for Nigeria.

Following the shocking and unexpected release of the Rema and Shallipopi collaboration titled 'Benin Boys' fans have taken keen interest as to how well the song performed on the charts of digital streaming platforms across the country.

Rema and Shallipopi, two superstars from Benin City, joined forces for the dynamic track "Benin Boys." This eagerly awaited collaboration is their first joint project, potentially signalling more collaborative work ahead.

"Benin Boys," co-produced by Rema and Producer X, is a tribute to Benin City, its inhabitants, and their profound legacy. True to expectations, Rema and Shallipopi exude confidence, highlighting the flair, poise, and accomplishments characteristic of a "Benin Boy."

Amidst robust drum beats and captivating strings, Rema and Shallipopi trade verses, boasting about their wealth and reinforcing their place as two of the globe's most promising young talents. The release is complemented by a music video directed by DK, showcasing the pair in their most stylish ensembles against a backdrop of various settings, including a neon-lit nightclub, a private jet, and a church rooftop.

Cover art for Benin Boys by Rema nad Shallipopi
Cover art for Benin Boys by Rema and Shallipopi

Rema and Shallipopi 'Benin Boys' Spotify streams

With just an hour of tracking, Rema and Shallipopi's 'Benin Boys' recorded 92.314 over the counter streams on Spotify debuting at the number 11 spot, and with a full day of tracking it recorded 619,379 streams propelling it to the number spot on the chart.

Rema and Shallipopi's Benin Boys Apple Music Charts

Benin Boys also hit number one on the Apple Music chart for Nigeria and also made an appearance in the following countries as well:

  • #1 Cameroon
  • #1 Sierra Leone
  • #2 Benin
  • #3 Gambia
  • #9 Liberia
  • #12 Ghana
  • #18 Kenya
  • #24 Uganda
  • #33 Tanzania
  • #49 Malawi
  • #67 Côte d’Ivoire
  • #80 Rwanda
  • #97 Oman
  • #129 Mali
  • #131 Zambia
  • #136 Senegal
  • #160 Namibia
  • #160 Malta
  • #162 Zimbabwe
  • #184 Niger
  • #200 Ireland

Rema and Shallipopi's Benin Boys YouTube

YouTube Video Trending Chart

  • Worldwide: #96
  • Nigeria: #6
  • Ghana: #35

YouTube Music Video Trending Chart

  • Worldwide: #147
  • Nigeria: #2
  • Cyprus: #8
  • Ghana: #17

Rema and Shallipopi's Benin Boys Deezer

Benin Boys by Rema and Shallipopi also debuted at number 3 on the Deezer Nigeria chart and at number 4 on the same chart for Singapore as well.

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