Recording Academy CEO, Harvey Mason Jr. reveals how to win a Grammy


Harvey Mason Jr., the CEO of the Recording Academy, has revealed the process of winning a Grammy Award.

According to Mason Jr., the process is simple, as all the people who vote for the Grammys are members of the Recording Academy. To become a member, one must be a music professional in the United States.

The Recording Academy members would submit songs and review them based on the art, not necessarily the sales or the streams. Mason Jr. emphasized that the Grammys are not just about the numbers but also about the artistry and creativity of the music.

The Recording Academy announced that they have been working towards building diversity and inclusivity in the voting base to accurately represent a diverse range of relevant musical genres and stay aligned with the ever-evolving musical landscape.

The 2024 Grammy Awards ceremony was evident of a smudge of that but the insistence on art makes a lot more sense than not.

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