Portable shades Zlatan over Davido’s wedding


Nigerian singer Portable is throwing shade at fellow musician Zlatan, accusing him of ruining his friendship with Davido.

He is also accusing him of costing him a spot in the recent star-studded wedding. In an Instagram rant, Portable claimed he received an invitation to Davido's wedding but "Zlatan Ibile called and disrupted things." Portable alleged this call led to a shift in Davido's demeanor, with a promised musical collaboration falling through.

"Davido invited me to his wedding," Portable then stated. "If Zlatan Ibile hadn't ruined my friendship with Davido, I'd have been amongst the groomsmen." Portable went further, claiming, "Davido promised me a feature, but after that call, everything shifted!"

The controversy stems from a previous public disagreement between Portable and Davido after their meeting in the Atlanta.

Notably, Portable has upped the ante, announcing, "I'm heading to Nigeria to meet Zlatan in person and challenge him."