Portable reveals why his fans will never hurt him


Renowned street-hop singer, Portable has opened up about his unique approach to keeping his fans content and loyal, revealing that he regularly withdraws millions of naira to spray on them whenever he goes out.

In a recent conversation that surfaced online on Thursday, March 21, 2024, the popular singer shared insights into his strategy, highlighting the importance of blessing his supporters to ensure their continued support and prevent any harm towards him.

Portable emphasized that his fans' love for him stems from his generosity, as he makes it a point to shower them with blessings. Despite occasional instances of rowdiness and damage to his property, such as his car, the singer noted that his fans refrain from harming him physically. He attributed this to their desire for his well-being and longevity, as they recognize the benefits of his blessings.

Expanding on his philosophy, Portable offered advice to others, suggesting that by blessing even one's enemies, it becomes challenging for them to cause harm due to the positive impact they receive. His approach underscores the importance of goodwill and generosity in fostering positive relationships and maintaining loyalty among supporters.