Portable reveals his life threatening experience in London


Portable has been on a roller coaster since he left Nigeria, he reveals his life threatening experience in the London ghetto.

Portable was in Atlanta and recently moved to London for a show. The artist during a live video revealed he was almost robbed and shot in London.

As he describes the experience, lots of fans were commenting on the live video. He claimed that he had gotten an apartment in the London “ghettos”and was surprised to see people claim it was theirs. He said that they came to talk to him but he referred them to the show promoter.

A picture of Portable

Although he was speaking excitedly, he said he saw the glint of their guns and that they almost robbed him. He constantly looked back to appreciate his entourage saying that without them, he didn't know what would have happened.

In his usual fashion, Portable immediately requested that they ask for a refund of the apartment as he doesn't feel safe. Fans are delighted for his well-being.

The video of Portable explaining his life threatening London experience