Portable previews diss track aimed at Saida Boj


Street pop sensation, Portable has unveiled a preview of his upcoming single, SaidaBoboje, a diss track aimed at controversial content creator, Saida Boj.

The song addresses Saida Boj's polarizing statements on relationships and her recent viral appearances on podcasts.

In the previewed snippet shared on Sunday, June 9, 2024, Portable employs Yoruba proverbs to caution Saida Boj against her reckless lifestyle and criticizes her views on romantic relationships. This move follows Portable's pattern of transforming his experiences and disagreements into music.

The artist, known for his controversial and attention-grabbing antics, has been making headlines recently. He has been performing in the United States, meeting with prominent figures like Davido, and sharing his personal experiences and conflicts. SaidaBoboje is the latest addition to Portable's string of diss tracks, which have become a hallmark of his career.