Portable narrates how someone close to him tried to kill him


Popular Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikola Badmus, better known as Portable, has reportedly survived an assassination attempt just a day after celebrating his 30th birthday.

The Tony Montana crooner took to his Instagram stories on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, to share the harrowing experience with his followers, detailing how a close acquaintance was allegedly sent to end his life.

In a series of Instagram stories, Portable revealed that he narrowly escaped the attempt on his life, expressing gratitude to God for his safety and that of his family. He recounted the chilling events, disclosing that he was being closely watched before the assailant made their move to enter his home.

The singer raised questions about how the perpetrator gained access to his residence without alerting his guard dogs, suggesting the use of supernatural means to bypass security measures. Portable expressed astonishment at the intruder's ability to enter his home undetected, speculating that "black magic" may have been employed to achieve this feat.

However, the attempt took an unexpected turn when the assailant mistakenly entered a room they believed to hold the secret to Portable's success, only to find it was a place of filth. Portable remarked in Yoruba, "He used 'shalanga' pit toilet to get to heaven," indicating the intruder's ultimate demise due to their mistaken target.

Portable issued a stern warning against harming those who offer assistance, emphasizing that he had provided for the individual responsible for the attempt on his life. He urged others not to betray their helpers, reflecting the consequences of such actions.