Portable narrates how he was assaulted amidst an alleged performance dispute


Nigerian singer, Portable, has shed light on the circumstances that led to a physical altercation resulting in modifications to his face.

According to reports, the artist had been assaulted at his residence by a group of individuals, with claims that he had accepted payment for a performance but failed to fulfil his commitment.

However, Portable recently shared a different story today, January 21, 2024, saying he worked together with a group, supposedly from America, on a music project. He mentioned getting paid 2.5 million naira for his part, but things got tense when he tried to leave after finishing the project. According to him, the group wanted their money back, arguing that he had been paid too much.

The situation happened at Portable's house, where unexpected visitors confronted the artist. This led to a heated argument that was recorded in a video shared on his Instagram story. In the chaos, Portable was heard asking why he was being attacked.

Subsequent videos shared by Portable displayed the aftermath of the fight, showing his visibly swollen face. Portable also shared a medical report emphasising the severity of his injuries, expressing extreme pain, and indicating his intention to seek medical attention.

In a post on his Instagram story today, January 21, 2024, Portable expressed thanks for being protected by a higher power and emphasized his resilience despite the ordeal. In his words, he said, "Omo ologo surrendered by my enemies. Na God dey cover me ZAZUU. This people really do me bad but Thank God say man no be God. Am in pain on my way to the hospital."

This incident brings attention to the complexities within the entertainment industry, highlighting how disagreements over contracts and money matters can lead to regrettable conflicts. Portable's experience serves as a reminder of the difficulties artists encounter as they navigate professional relationships within the music industry.