Portable criticizes Zinoleesky for buying Ferrari instead of promoting music


Popular Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has sparked a social media storm by publicly criticizing fellow singer, Oniyide Azeez, aka Zinoleesky, over his recent Ferrari acquisition.

Following reports of Zinoleesky's sighting cruising in a Ferrari, Portable took to Instagram today, Wednesday, April 24, 2024, to express his disapproval. In a video shared online, the Zazu king mocked Zinoleesky for allegedly spending lavishly on the luxury car despite not having a major hit song to his name.

Portable suggested that Zinoleesky should consider selling the Ferrari and investing the proceeds in promoting his music career instead. He emphasized that without a breakthrough hit, such extravagant spending might not be justified.

Expanding on his point, Portable lamented the condition of the roads in his area, suggesting that if they were better, he too would consider purchasing a Ferrari. He questioned the rationale behind someone like Zinoleesky, who possesses only one car, making such ostentatious displays while others, like himself, with multiple vehicles, are left to wonder how to contribute positively to society.

In his remarks, Portable highlighted the disparity between Zinoleesky's perceived success and the reality of his musical achievements, calling for a more pragmatic approach to career advancement in the music industry.