Portable and Dammy Krane's feud escalates online


The online feud between Portable and Dammy Krane has escalated, with Portable leaking their direct messages on social media.

Although, the messages reveal Dammy Krane offering support to Portable in his ongoing dispute with Davido, but Portable responded with harsh criticism.

Also, in the Portable and Dammy Krane feud, Portable accused Dammy Krane of being the reason behind his issues with Davido. Additionally, he claimed that their collaborative song led to Davido's refusal to work with him. Particlarly, he expressed regret over collaborating with Dammy Krane and dismissed his offer of help.

However, the leaked messages have sparked significant reactions online, with fans and followers taking sides in the dispute. The drama continues to unfold, with no signs of resolution in sight.

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