Peter Okoye Sends Letter of Termination To RudeBoy Records... Read!

Talented Nigerian duo Peter and Paul Okoye of the Psquare music group have finally decided to go their separate ways and pursue their music careers separately rather than under the umbrella of Rude Boy Records.

This information was released today with the letter of termination from Festus Keyamo Chambers stating that he can no longer be with his twin and their elder brother as they are planning to kill both his wife and himself.

This news is coming as a shocker to most of us who thought the rift between both brothers has been mended and things are now okay, apparently, everything was just for show as Peter made us know in his letter because according to him, they came together for the sake of their fans.

Peter has gone ahead to start informing people about his Pclassic Records, but Paul and Jude Okoye have not said anything concerning this letter and we would certainly update once they do.

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2 years ago

Notjustok says: (There are no comments posted yet. Be the first one!)

Peter and Paul Okoye even Jude lived in their mansion in Banana Iceland with enough $$ in their Account Balance and i live in mainland on renting and you are expecting me to drink medicine for another person headache.

2 years ago

It is P-Square that made both Peter and Paul Okoye. I kindly appeal that they should settle their differences and unite as one for growth of their music and the love of their fans.