Paul Okoye's girlfriend Ivy, speaks out against homewrecker comments


Ivy Ifeoma, the partner of Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rude Boy from the musical duo P-Square, has addressed those who label her as a homewrecker.

Ivy Ifeoma, the partner of renowned Nigerian artist Paul Okoye from PSquare, recently shared her experiences regarding the negative comments from online trolls concerning her relationship with the music star. During a recent appearance on a Cool FM radio show Gucci's Crazy World, Ivy Ifeoma discussed facing verbal attacks on social media due to her association with Paul Okoye.

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The TikTok content creator revealed that she has endured significant adversity from social media critics, especially when her relationship with Paul Okoye became public. She recounted receiving hurtful messages in her direct messages (DMs) when the news of her relationship with Paul Okoye surfaced. Their relationship became publicly known in 2022, following Paul Okoye's separation from his ex-wife and the mother of his three children, Anita Okoye.

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During the interview, she said, "People have said mean things to me but let’s talk about this one that people like saying that I’m a homewrecker! That one is the most painful because where did they get their facts from?”. She further shared that 2023 was a fantastic year for her, attributing it to her numerous travels and the launch of her fashion business. Additionally, she offered valuable guidance to aspiring content creators.