Olamide gifts TikToker, Peller N1 million


Famous rapper, Olamide has surprised popular TikToker, Peller with a generous gift of N1 million in cash during a live session on the platform.

The TikToker was hosting a live session with a friend when Olamide joined in, performing his hit song Metaverse and gifting Peller N500,000 initially. Then, he returned with an additional N500,000, bringing the total to N1 million.

Meanwhile, Peller's excitement was palpable as he shrieked with joy. Also, he accidentally tore his shirt from the back. Additionally, the moment was captured on video and has since gone viral. It showcased Olamide's kindness and Peller's infectious enthusiasm.

Lastly, this impromptu live session has become a memorable moment for both the rapper and the TikToker.

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