Odumodublvck praises Rema's wisdom despite age difference


Nigerian rapper Odumodublvck, whose real name is Tochukwu Ojogwu, has taken to X to praise his colleague Rema's insightful advice.

Despite their six-year age difference, Odumodublvck revealed that he highly values Rema's words of wisdom, stating that he pays full attention whenever Rema speaks.

Also, the 30-year-old rapper emphasized that being an OG (original gangster) is not determined by age, but rather by one's actions and experiences. Odumodublvck praised Rema for sharing valuable advice that even his parents had never mentioned before, showcasing Rema's maturity and wisdom beyond his 24 years.

Meanwhile, Odumodublvck's tweet acknowledges Rema's positive impact on his life. The gesture has sparked a heartwarming exchange between the two artists, showcasing the supportive nature of the Nigerian music industry.

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