Nigerians on Twitter Attack DJ Cuppy For Her Independence Day Tweet


Nigerians on Twitter have come in full force for popular DJ, DJ Cuppy because of her independence message to Nigeria.

On October 1st, while everyone gave their Independence message to the country as it turns 58, DJ Cuppy also did same, saying;

This message didn't sit well with Nigerians who believe "she's too privileged that's why she doesn't know that the country isn't as great" as she said.

A Twitter user, @KingWole actually did a thread in reply to her tweet saying;

"I’ll say this real quick, calling Nigeria “the greatest nation”, especially when you’re in the 0.5% mega privileged bracket, is an insult to every Nigerian who has to suffer every single day because of the REAL and unnecessary challenges they face.

This Twitter user, in his bid to remind Cuppy of the present state of the nation totally forgot that the DJ is giving her own opinion about the state of the nation and this opinion, is borne out of her experience in and with the nation, which seems to have been great so far.

Other Twitter users came to Cuppy's defense reminding her trolls that she is not the reason for the economic crisis or any other issue Nigeria is facing hence she should be allowed to express her opinion about her country without being attacked.