“Naysayers kept me going” - Davido On Staying Hard In The Game, In an interview with Ebuka


New revelations have dropped from Davido during the Bounce Back interview with Ebuka. 

David Adedeji Adeleke - Davido

David Adedeji Adeleke - Davido

With reference to Davido’s 10 years consistency without declining, Ebuka was curious to know what has kept him going. Davido enthusiastically said: 

Naysayers! Y’all motherfv$kaz dumb, you all make me get so big. You should have just left me and loved me.

Explaining how he channels his anger into writing hit songs:

Na anger oh! When I dey dey studio na hits, when I dey write na hits. When I dey perform na anger. So like the naysayers kept me going  ... like he's not going to do this.

With excitement on proving them wrong, he went on to assure the naysayers that he hasn't even started yet. When asked if he was worried about going down, he said:

Everybody has to go down, nobody can be on top forever.

He went further to explain his famous phrase “we rise by lifting others” with emphasis to the generational wealth of his good deeds and how he is liable to reap from such deeds in the future. He said;

Everybody I have helped are keeping me afloat.

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