Nathaniel Bassey calls for changes in Ghanaian gospel music


Internationally acclaimed Nigerian gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey, who is currently in Ghana for the Jesus Christ Encounter Convention alongside fellow Nigerian ministers Dunsin Oyekan and Evangelist Enitan Adaba, has stirred controversy with his recent comments during a ministerial visit to the country.

Addressing the audience on stage, Bassey expressed his belief that Ghanaian gospel songs have the potential to become global sensations, but he suggested that certain adjustments need to be made.

According to the Yahweh Sabaoth gospel artist, Ghanaian evangelists and performers possess a unique anointing, but they are not fully utilizing it.

During his ministration, Bassey went on to offer his perspective on how Ghanaian singers could enhance their craft and garner international recognition. In a surprising twist, he urged them to reduce the use of their native language, Twi, in their songs.

The remarks made by Nathaniel Bassey have since ignited a significant uproar online, with opinions divided on whether his advice is constructive or a potential source of cultural tension.

As the Jesus Christ Encounter Convention continues in Ghana, the reactions to Bassey's comments are likely to reverberate through the gospel music community in the country.