My mom was more passionate about my career - Qing Madi


Rising Afrobeats star Qing Madi has revealed a surprising truth about the beginning of her musical journey with her mom.

She revealed that her mom was the driving force behind it, not her own initial passion.

In a recent interview on Hip TV, the 17-year-old singer opened up about her unconventional path to stardom. "I didn't realize I could sing, my mom did," Qing Madi confessed. "She was the one that was very forward with my career even when I wasn't passionate about it. She wanted it more than I did."

This honest revelation sheds light on the supportive role Qing Madi's mother played in nurturing her talent. While the young singer's own aspirations may have initially laid elsewhere, her mother's belief and encouragement ultimately steered her towards a successful music career.

The interview has sparked conversations about parental influence and the importance of fostering hidden talents. Despite initial hesitation, Qing Madi has clearly blossomed into a talented vocalist, with hit songs like Ole featuring BNXN and personal hits like Vision.

Qing Madi's story is an inspiring reminder that success can blossom from unexpected beginnings.