Watch Morocco Celebrate World Cup 2022 Win The Burna Boy's 'Last Last'


Following an impressive victory over Spain at the World Cup 2022, Morocco, in a live session, could not resist singing Burna Boy's 'Last Last.'

Morocco World Cup 2022

Saying the Afrobeats sound has gone global might come off as an overstatement but specific scenes help us see how far the unique Nigerian sound has come. From playing Rema's 'Calm Down' at the FIFA World cup to national teams singing hit songs in live sessions or during training sessions; these are clear indicators of just how far afrobeats has come.

Morocco also caught the Afrobeats fever in their mini-celebration after securing qualification in the quarter-finals of the FIFA world cup 2022 by defeating Spain in the round of 16 of the competition. The national team, in an Instagram live session, had some of its players singing to the iconic hit song 'Last Last' by Burna Boy.

Watch the video below:

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