Mohbad's management shares posthumous updates on Instagram


The death of Nigerian music artist Mohbad, also known as Imole, continues to be shrouded in controversy and unanswered questions.

In a recent statement shared on his Instagram account by his managers, several updates and clarifications were provided to address ongoing misconceptions and miscommunication surrounding his passing.

The statement, issued on January 15, 2024, months after Mohbad's death, emphasised the ongoing cooperation with authorities to ensure clarity and closure for all parties involved. It was revealed that the police authorities had conducted an investigation and communicated that the autopsy results from samples sent abroad would take a couple of months before they were shared.

Furthermore, the statement addressed disseminating false information, specifically refuting the existence of a will or any thumb-printed document, as falsely reported. It was emphasised that no members of Mohbad's management or his lawyer had communicated the existence of such a document to any member of the family or the public. The statement urged everyone to refrain from sharing false and misleading statements.

Additionally, the Instagram managers revealed that all accounts owned and controlled by Mohbad during his lifetime were immediately put on a Post No Debit (this refers to restrictions imposed by banks on specific accounts, preventing customers from making withdrawals, transfers, or any other debits from such accounts) order on the 12th of September, 2023, and this order remains valid. They revealed that the accounts would be properly handed over to the family upon resolution of the internal dispute.

The aftermath of Mohbad's death has been marked by a surge in public interest, as evidenced by the significant increase in his Instagram followers from just over 1 million to 2 million within a week of his passing, as well as a significant increase in the number of people streaming his songs. The ongoing controversies and revelations surrounding his death have drawn attention to the complexities of the Nigerian entertainment industry and have sparked emotional responses from both the public and celebrities.

The statement shared by Mohbad's Instagram managers represents a significant step in providing clarity and addressing misconceptions as the public and the entertainment industry continues to grapple with the loss of the talented artist.

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